Flowered grapevine wreath in coral colors with greenery

Hello there. I am Daune “Dawn” Hanzelik. I have been making wreaths since 2018. I have watched several wreath makers online and have learned so much from their live videos. I credit my increasing success to them and their help along the way. I enjoy making mesh and grapevine wreaths. I can really make many different types of floral or mesh designs you might desire. All you have to do is contact me and we can talk about your questions.


I make large full and beautiful wreaths with lots of ribbons and bows unless otherwise requested. I can make all sizes if you need something smaller. Most wreaths are between 24-30 inches upon completion. The grapevine wreaths are usually made on 18″ grapevines but measure so much bigger depending on what greenery and florals and signs are used and how far from the grapevines they extend. I can adjust size of grapevine used according to what size you can accommodate. Again, please contact me with any questions. I will be happy to talk with you.